25. October 2021 / Published in Business
Germany is the largest economy in Europe and one of the most important markets in the world. The interest for foreign companies who want to sell products or provide services in the German market is steadily growing in recent years. In addition, German business entities are regularly a target of foreign business investors. In any
18. October 2021 / Published in Business
01. Underestimating the German bureaucracy. Yes, it can be even worse than expected. The German system is very bureaucratic and there is no real viable way around it: Paper forms have to be filled out and it does take some time to finalize the official processes. But no need to worry. We are happy to
8. October 2021 / Published in Business
I. Background Anyone can establish a business in Germany – irrespective of nationality or place of residence. There is no specific investment legislation in Germany, nor is there a minimum percentage of German shareholdings (sponsorship) required for foreign entrepreneurs setting up a business. Foreign investors can choose between a variety of legal forms for conducting